Women’s Medicine

  • Skills videos to manage obstetric emergencies

    A range of clearly presented short clear insights into the management of obstetric emergencies.

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  • Instantly available - even without the internet!

    The whole of The Global Library of Women's Medicine’s resources are now available on a memory stick for locations where no internet is available.

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  • FIGO - Special Issues in Maternal Health

    This new section provides up-to-date, expert guidance on family planning and the prevention of unsafe abortion. It features reviews of the latest research, questions & answers, video films plus a wide range of other valuable resources.

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  • Effective family planning matters

    A wide range of resources are now available here to help professionals - and their patients - make good choices.

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  • Please remember Abigail
    - and other women like her

    The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is dedicated to the memory of Abigail Bloomer, just one of far too many lovely women who die too young from diseases or conditions that are gender specific. We feel that we owe it to them all to try harder and care better every day.

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  • Safer Motherhood

    A huge resource of practical, clinical guidance – consisting of textbooks, tutorials, video presentations, skills training, lectures and other materials – on all aspects of Safer Motherhood. This major and constantly expanding section is designed to meet the different needs of (a) doctors, (b) midwives & nurses and (c) community healthcare workers.

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  • Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology: a practical approach

    A new, expert and comprehensive textbook featuring approximately 340 illustrations and 13 embedded video clips.
    • takes readers from introductory basics to advanced understanding
    • highly practical, clearly presented and easy-to-read
    • over 300 pages in length with man special features

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  • Comprehensive Textbook of Women's Medicine

    446 specially commissioned chapters covering most key areas of women's medicine, peer reviewed, regularly updated and written by distinguished specialists. Each chapter is illustrated where appropriate and extensively referenced.

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  • Tutorials on childbirth

    A series of tutorials that update and reinforce previous learning on childbirth - specially designed to support midwives.

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  • The challenge of maternal mortality

    Our completely new mobile phone based, cloud computing enhanced, program provides unique support for midwives working in challenging locations.

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  • Pregnancy and childbirth education for patients

    The Global Library’s new series of 15 short video animations are designed to explain key pregnancy and childbirth issues to women, regardless of literacy or language (also available separately on DVD for group display).

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  • Educational films to enhance understanding

    An exceptional range of 10 - 15 minute films provide skilled guidance for medical professionals - and primarily created by Medical Aid Films.

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  • Wall charts summarize key messages

    The Global Library’s wall charts can be
    printed out by anyone, page-by-page, to provide effective displays and reminders of key procedures.

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