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As a goodbye

This will be my last set of abstracts for GLOWM. Over the past years it has given me great pleasure to go through the recent literature and to select abstracts in the areas of contraception and of safe abortion that could be of value to healthcare workers globally.

A few lessons learned:

  • there is no contraceptive that is ideal for everyone, so we need a choice of contraceptives and women must have the right to choose
  • advocacy, training and information are as important as the choice and quality of the contraceptive products
  • an ideal opportunity to talk about contraception is when a woman comes for a delivery or an abortion
  • like contraception, safe abortion is also a reproductive right
  • legalizing abortion in a country does not increase the number of abortions, but decreases the number of unsafe abortions
  • prescribing and administering contraceptives or medical abortion products does not have to be performed exclusively by doctors, but can be safely and effectively performed by other healthcare workers.

Over the past years of providing these abstracts we have seen the world become a better place: there is a larger choice of contraceptives, in all countries in the world a majority of women have their needs for contraceptives met, families are getting smaller, with better-fed and better-educated children, more countries have legalized abortion, with higher availability of safe and effective medical abortion products, resulting in lower maternal mortality.

Let's continue to work towards an even better future for women and families!

Thank you,

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The FIGO Fertility Toolbox

The FIGO Fertility Toolbox is a “How To” document intended for use by anyone who is involved in or affected by infertility (stakeholders) to provide a comprehensive and integrated set of tools that will increase access to treatment and prevention, and so reduce the global burden of infertility.