Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol 2014 Jun 5. pii:S1521?6934

Postabortal and postpartum contraception

Cameron S


Healthcare providers often underestimate a woman's need for immediate effective contraception after an abortion or childbirth. Yet, these are times when women may be highly motivated to avoid or delay another pregnancy. In addition, starting the most effective long-acting reversible methods (i.e. the intrauterine device, intrauterine system or implants) at these times, is safe, with low risk of complications. Good evidence shows that women choosing long-acting reversible contraceptives at the time of an abortion are at significantly lower risk of another abortion, compared with counterparts choosing other methods. Uptake of long-acting reversible methods postpartum can also prevent short inter-pregnancy intervals, which have negative consequences for maternal and child health. It is important, therefore, that providers of abortion and maternity care are trained and funded to be able to provide these methods for women immediately after an abortion or childbirth.

Comment: Again, a paper which shows how important it is that health workers who perform abortions, or who prescribe medical abortion medication, are trained in post-abortion contraception and ideally have the methods available. (HMV)