Reprod Health Matters. 2015 May;23(45):126-35.

From unwanted pregnancy to safe abortion: Sharing information about abortion in Asia through animation

Krishnan S and Dalvie S

Abstract: Although unsafe abortion continues to be a leading cause of maternal mortality in many countries in Asia, the right to safe abortion remains highly stigmatized across the region. The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, a regional network advocating for safe abortion, produced an animated short film entitled From Unwanted Pregnancy to Safe Abortion to show in conferences, schools and meetings in order to share knowledge about the barriers to safe abortion in Asia and to facilitate conversations on the right to safe abortion. This paper describes the making of this film, its objectives, content, dissemination and how it has been used. Our experience highlights the advantages of using animated films in addressing highly politicized and sensitive issues like abortion. Animation helped to create powerful advocacy material that does not homogenize the experiences of women across a diverse region, and at the same time emphasize the need for joint activities that express solidarity.

Comment: This paper shows that it is not only explanation of the method, complications, instructions for follow-up, etc. that are important, but, in the case of abortion provision, also the re-assurance of the woman that it is OK to ask for an abortion, which reduces the threshold at which a woman attends the clinic. The animated film used in Asia, is a great example. (HMV)