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Medical Aid Films is an innovative, UK-based charity, that produces and distributes films for training and education about issues in maternal, newborn and child health.

Our mission is to save the lives of women and children in some of the most under-served areas of the world, by empowering them with life-saving knowledge.

We have 34 films, used by over 1,200 partners in 80 countries worldwide. Working in partnership with medical experts, NGOs, local communities and educational film makers, we produce high quality films that are medically accurate, culturally sensitive, and respond directly to the needs of community members and health workers on the ground.

Our films are aimed at skilled health workers, community health workers and women in the community, covering topics including reproductive and sexual health, emergency obstetric care, newborn care, cervical cancer, and nutrition. We focus not only on emergency situations, but on how to prevent complications arising, and how to ensure the continued good health of mother and baby after the birth.

Using live film and animation, film can overcome barriers of language and low literacy, and deliver clear and engaging education. Delivering films by DVD or memory stick, online, in e-learning and directly to people’s mobiles, we can reach more people than ever before with vital health information and educational material, even in remote areas. We provide a cost-effective, sustainable and scalable way to empower women and health workers with the skills and knowledge they need to save lives.

How can you help us?

  1. Use our films and provide valuable feedback
    Use our films and then provide us with feedback about how you are using them. Visit or email for more information.
  2. Help us to produce new films
    Can you be an expert advisor, be a presenter, or allow us to film in your health facility? Email to find out more.
  3. Donate to MAF
    Support a film project or become a 'Friend of MAF’ by making a regular donation.Visit or email to find out more.

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