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Women’s rights, violence and refugees

Edited by

Professor Chiara Benedetto
University of Turin, Italy


Available soon

Women’s Rights: Evolution in International Law and Current Challenges

Carola Carazzone

Available soon

Obligations of Care Providers in Rights-based Care

Hemantha Senanayake

Available soon

Women’s Right to Respectful Maternity Care

Hema Divakar

Available soon

Gender-based Violence

Rubina Sohail

Available soon

DHEERA – No To Violence Against Women. Partner with Men, Police, Society

Shanta Kumari

Available soon

The Access of Women to Health Care in Case of Violence

Diana Galimberti and Mariana Ríos Hudson

Available soon

Violence Survivorship in the Refugees’ World

Faysal El Kak

Available soon

Women’s Access to Medical Care in Conflict Zones

Kenny Raha