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Cervical Cancer

Cancer du col de l'utérus – Dépistage et traitements. Medical Aid Films 2014. (French translation of Cervical Cancer: Screening and Treatment Options.)

Medical Aid Films

Cancer du col de l’utérus – Comment réaliser des tests de dépistage IVA et IVL. Medical Aid Films. Video 2014. (French translation of Cervical Cancer: How to conduct VIA and VILI screening tests.)

Medical Aid Films

Cancer du col de l’utérus – comprendre le dépistage préventif et le traitement. Medical Aid Films 2014. (French translation of Cervical Cancer: Understanding Prevention, Screening and Treatment.)

Medical Aid Films

How to conduct VIA and VILI screening tests. Video (2014)

Medical Aid Films

Screening and Treatment Options. Video (2014)

Medical Aid Films

Understanding Prevention, Screening and Treatment. Video (2014)

Medical Aid Films

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