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The Ebola Epidemic

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is seeking to make a very minor contribution to assisting in the control of the current outbreak of ebola by providing two information modules. Access is also provided to an important new publication on ebola from the World Health Organization.

1. What you and your family should know about ebolaan animated guide for African women and their families on the facts of ebola and the action they should take.

It is hoped that by providing some reliable facts and simple guidance it will help to reassure and guide people in infected areas who may understandably be disturbed and confused by the current epidemic and its accompanying publicity. This guide takes the form of a 4-minute animated video with a voice commentary and has been specifically designed so that it can be fully understood regardless of whether or not the viewer can read.

In addition to its availability on this website this presentation is also being made available as:

  • A FREE app which anyone can download to a mobile phone
  • DVD which can be played as a continuous loop in clinics and other appropriate places
  • A short feature on YouTube

To view this animated guide click here:
What you and your family should know about ebola

Ebola animation stills

2. The management of ebolaa short tutorial for doctors and nurses, with additional guidance on ebola’s implications for pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care

This short slide-based presentation is designed to provide for doctors and nurses with rapid access to the essential principles of ebola management and disease control and with guidance on the recommended protocols for self-protection whilst carrying out their work. It also provides links to more detailed information from WHO and others.

The tutorial includes two printable items:

  • WHO’s recommended Patient Assessment Questionnaire
  • A summary chart that can be printed out locally as a Wall Chart in 6 separate A4 size pages

NB It is planned that this tutorial will be regularly revised and updated whenever new protocols or recommendations make this appropriate.

To view this clinical tutorial click here:
The management of ebola – with additional guidance on its implications for pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care

Ebola Animation stills

3. The complete WHO Guidelines on Ebolaissued August 2014

The World Health Organization issued comprehensive guidance in August 2014 on the treatment of ebola in a publication entitled "Ebola and Marburg virus disease epidemics: preparedness, alert, control and evaluation. Interim version 1.2 – issued August 2014" The tutorial for doctors described above has been based in part (but by no means exclusively) on this publication.

To read this 120 page publication in full click here

WHO guidelines on ebola