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There have been a lot of developments recently as we try to update, expand and improve the services that we provide.

Expanded International Editorial Board and Editorial Supervision

Our International Editorial Board has been expanded to now include a total of 36 Board members from some 19 different countries. Each Board member represents a different area of expertise and thus supports our activities us with an outstanding resource of experience and specialised knowledge.

We also welcome three new Consultant Editors who, among other things, will help to advise us on geographically relevant matters.

New format

The visual presentation of our resources has been enlarged and improved to optimise the ease of viewing and to make it easier to identify all the many different features and materials that The Global Library now offers.

Special app for less resourced locations

Our Safer Motherhood app is undergoing a detailed update and a new version of it should be available later this year.


Information about COVID-19 and its treatment is available from very many different sources. We are, therefore, focussing any information that we provide specifically on those aspects of this infection that have a specific relevance to women’s health.

Eradication of Rh Disease

We are supporting the recently launched Worldwide Initiative for Rh Disease Eradication (WIRhE) by providing a range of new resources designed to draw attention to continuing incidence of this disease and to educate care providers on the essential steps necessary to prevent it.

Interactive options

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the learning materials provided we now offer a range of interactive features; The principal one of these is the Online study assessment and Certification programme which we have recently announced. Further interactive features are described on our Join Us page.


Our “Search” feature has been radically enhanced to provide much more flexible and responsive options that we hope will significantly improve our reader’s experience.

Extended coverage

Having nearly covered the field of Obstetrics in 15 new Volumes we are now starting to expand the coverage of our Continuous Textbook of Women’s Medicine series to the fields of gynecology and reproductive medicine.

We also have a new programme, that is just starting, to provide midwives with rapid reference clinical guides. And we also are working on plans to try and offer women themselves, particularly those in less-resourced locations, with basic but reliable information about their health that they can access via their mobile phones or in other ways.

Different Languages

We are now at the start of our drive to provide some key resources in a range of different languages. There are many challenges in being able to achieve this to a high standard but we shall provide regular updates on the progress that is being made.