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A Checklist for Quality Care

Women's rights

For any given healthcare encounter, consider how rights are protected or infringed
by providers and the healthcare system.

Life: Emergency healthcare is expected independent of personal beliefs

Health: The system presents no substantial barriers to available, acceptable, accessible, high quality health, including preventive screening for disease and injury

Privacy: Consultation, examination and treatment are conducted in a manner that ensures privacy, including times when chaperones and other invited individuals are present

Confidentiality: Conversation and medical records are maintained by procedures that ensure confidentiality and released to third parties only through appropriate legal procedures

Autonomy and decision-making: Decisions about healthcare are acknowledged and respected. When children are receiving care, their interests are protected in a manner that ensures their best interests and capacity for decision-making

Information: Understandable and up to date information about test results and risks/benefits/alternatives of accepting and declining therapies are provided

Non-discrimination: Health-care services that respect one’s societal and cultural roles, religious practices, gender, and abilities are provided

Right to decide number and spacing of children: When seeking counseling about pregnancy, fertility, contraception, or abortion, information about risks, benefits, mechanisms of action and access to services for all methods available are provided

Freedom from inhumane and degrading treatment: Seeking treatment for results of physical, psychological and sexual violence and abuse feels safe and without risk of involuntary treatment or denial of treatment from your healthcare provider

Benefit from scientific progress: Your healthcare provider helped you incorporate current scientific information, your own healthcare beliefs, and knowledge of community resources into an acceptable healthcare plan