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Medical Aid Films

Medical Aid Films uses innovative media to transform the health and wellbeing of women and children around the world.

We produce educational films and provide free access to quality medical information and other resources for distribution to healthcare workers in low-and middle-income countries.

Working in partnership with leading global NGOs and academic institutions, our materials are verified by world class medical and health advisory panels. With partners in 65+ countries, our broad open-source library has:

  • 300+ films
  • 25 languages
  • viewed in over 145 countries
  • over 5 million views per year

Our films are aimed at skilled health workers, community health workers and women in the community, covering topics including reproductive and sexual health, emergency obstetric care, newborn care, cervical cancer, and nutrition. We focus not only on emergency situations, but on how to prevent complications arising, and how to ensure the continued good health of mother and baby after the birth.

Using live film and animation, film can overcome barriers of language and low literacy, and deliver clear and engaging education. Delivering films by DVD or memory stick, online, in e-learning and directly to people’s mobiles, we can reach more people than ever before with vital health information and educational material, even in remote areas.

We provide a cost-effective, sustainable and scalable way to empower women and health workers with the skills and knowledge they need to save lives.

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Our films can be viewed and downloaded for free on our website.