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  • Now available in Apple version for iphone and ipads (in addition to Andriod and Amazon Fire versions)

    The GLOWM Ssafer Motherhood App

    A FREE resource for doctors and midwives, providing extensive guidance and support in the management of obstetric emergencies, including:

    • Skills videos
    • Practical tutorials
    • Animated clinical guides
    • Educational films plus
    • The option for storing patient records securely

    Highly acclaimed – Extensively tested – Already widely used

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  • Diagnosis and Management of Maternal Sepsis

    This expert visual guide is one of a series designed to support good management of obstetric emergencies

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  • Skills videos to manage obstetric emergencies

    A range of clearly presented short clear insights into the management of obstetric emergencies.

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  • Please remember Abigail
    - and other women like her

    The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is dedicated to the memory of Abigail Bloomer, just one of far too many lovely women who die too young from diseases or conditions that are gender specific. We feel that we owe it to them all to try harder and care better every day.

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