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High quality educational films for medical professionals and also for Community Education. (Typical running times of 10–15 minutes.)

For Healthcare Professionals

NEW! Expert surgical films on Fistula Surgery

For qualified medical professionals only
– because these NEW videos give specific and detailed surgical guidance they are not for general viewing but are available to medical professionals who can benefit from them in their medical practice.

Fistula repair series - Basic Principles Tricks Traps - Episode 1

Fistula repair series - Perineal Tear Repair Variations - Episode 2

Fistula repair series - Circumferential Fistula Repair - Episode 3

Fistula repair series - After Fistula Repair Principles and Approaches - Episode 4

Fistula repair series - Singapore Neovagina - Episode 5

Just published – 3 new expert video presentations on the surgical repair of fistula flaps:

Discussion on Gracilis muscle flaps and skin flaps in fistula repair

Singapore flap for vaginal reconstruction in a case of vesicovaginal fistula

Mini-Singapore flap for vaginal reconstruction - with commentary


Lectures, principally for doctors, by leading specialists on topics of relevance to Safer Motherhood. (Typical running times of 20–30 minutes)

Tutorials for Midwives

Short, well-illustrated, learning programs for midwives, designed to reinforce existing knowledge. (Typical duration 5–7 minutes)