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International Maternal & Child Health Care: A practical manual for hospitals worldwide

Edited by David Southall

Associate Editors: Alice Clack, Johan Creemers, Angela Gorman, Assad Hafeez, Brigid Hayden, Ejaz Khan, Grace Kodindo, Rhona MacDonald, Yawar Najam, Barbara Phillips, Diane Watson, Dave Woods, Ann Wright

This textbook is written to help health workers treating pregnant women and adolescents, their newborn infants, and children admitted to hospitals in countries all over the world. It is especially aimed at those working in settings in which material and human resources are limited, where borders and infrastructures are insecure, and in rural areas where health workers may find it particularly difficult to work. Building on existing global efforts, dedicated doctors, nurses and midwives in these settings are already providing life-saving healthcare, but often find their work hard and sometimes overwhelming. Access to up-to-date evidence-based guidelines in such settings is often extremely difficult. The Internet is often too slow, printing from computers is often too expensive, and so, in our experience, books remain essential.