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Sabrina’s Foundation

Sabrina's Foundation was founded ten years ago, following the tragic passing of Sabrina Dwan from childbirth complications. While fighting her brave and inspiring battle against the array of medical setbacks that would ultimately claim her life, Sabrina devoted her precious days to focusing on her newborn daughter Kiera, and working to ensure that other families never had to endure maternal complications. It was Sabrina's remarkable compassion and generosity for others, even in the face of her own mortality, that inspired the formation and development of Sabrina's Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the fundamental but complex mission of eliminating maternal death. Sabrina's Foundation's mission focuses on research, and on leveraging global tertiary healthcare expertise via continuing education for medical professionals. With this focus, Sabrina's Foundation is committed to the ideal of Semper Improvidus (Always Improving) and never relenting until the leading global causes of maternal tragedies have been eliminated.