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The Welfare of Women (WoW)
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Glowm is now launching its most important and far-reaching programme to date – designed to ensure that women everywhere can be aware of key health issues that affect them and their families, regardless of location, literacy or language issues.

The WoW programme is based on the widely recognised fact that providing basic but effective information to women globally about key health issues could have a transformational effect – more profound than many advances in medicine itself. The programme specifically addresses the challenges caused by the differences in women’s perception, literacy skills, language and ethnicity.


Across the world very many women have little or no reliable knowledge about basic health issues that affect them and their families. Uneducated, illiterate or just underprivileged and uninformed, they may have occasional contact with medical services but even so receive little or no real advice or understanding. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world women may have access to information but may find it difficult to distinguish reliable facts from internet-mediated misconceptions.

The WoW programme is designed to provide reliable and expertly approved health guidance that will empower women to care better for themselves and their families


Whilst developing good and effective health messages is relatively straightforward, delivering the right information to the right women faces real challenges, namely:

  • Different levels of comprehension and literacy
  • Different languages
  • Different ethnic perceptions
  • Different distribution issues


  1. Comprehension – our programme will offer health guidance at 3 different levels to meet the needs of women’s varying levels of education and literacy:

    Level 1: Short and basic video presentations – with voice commentary for those who cannot read

    Level 2: More detailed text-based (and illustrated) information for women with some education

    Level 3: Recommended links to reliable sources of information for women with internet availability who wish to know more.

  2. Language – all the health messages are being presented on a unique and specially developed digital platform that will enable any person to translate them (including the videos and voice commentaries) rapidly and easily into any language without having any special digital skills (provided that person is authorised by us remotely as being medically suitable).

  3. Ethnicity considerations – we are offering viewers the option of selecting from 4 very broadly drawn ethnic images that at the least have some visual empathy with different regions of the world.

  4. Distribution – since good information fails if it does not actually reach the people for whom it is intended, we plan to use multiple distribution options, which will include:

    • Our own GLOWM website, FIGO’s website and any others that may seem appropriate
    • We also plan to create a new App, which will be made available everywhere free – and will also be offered to all 132 National Societies of OBGYN around the world
    • We will also put all the videos on DVD for distribution to Community Healthcare workers and for display in the reception areas of clinics and hospitals
    • We shall also use Social Media in any ways that can be effective


The WoW programme is a serious and very carefully researched attempt to overcome the barriers to women’s health education that have for so long deprived women of the essential health knowledge that can help to transform their lives.

Topics to be covered place emphasis on key health issues ranging from an understanding of human reproduction and the menstrual cycle to issues of pre-term birth, bleeding in early pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage, infertility and fertility therapies, the menopause, hormone replacement therapy and conditions related to old age.

The WoW programme is a major development based on the earlier pilot programme that we produced with The World Health Organisation in Africa