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The Continuous Textbook of Women’s Medicine Series

Obstetric Module
Volume 19

Pregnancy shortening: etiology, prediction and prevention

Edited by

Prof Arri Coomarasamy
University of Birmingham UK
Prof Gian Carlo Di Renzo
University of Perugia, Italy
and Prof Eduardo Fonseca
Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil


Available early 2023

Determinants of Length of Pregnancy

Available early 2023

Triggering Labor at Term

Ramkumar Menon

Available early 2023

Miscarriage and Preterm Birth: a Consensus Definition and the Reasons Behind

Hiroshi Sameshima

Available early 2023

Spontaneous Miscarriage

Valentina Tsibizova

Available early 2023

Recurrent Miscarriage

Pedro Melo and Adam Devali

Available early 2023

Prevention of Miscarriage

Arri Coomarasamy and Pedro Melo

Available early 2023

Preterm Birth: a Syndrome with Unsolved Issues

Shilpa Nambiar

Available early 2023

Prediction of Preterm Birth

Gian Carlo Di Renzo

Available early 2023

Prevention of Preterm Birth

Eduardo Fonseca and Joao Pessoa

Available early 2023

Inducing Miscarriage or Preterm Birth

Daniel Surbek